Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sweet 16

Today is my beautiful daughter's 16th birthday (and Guy Fawkes Day in the civilized world). I am a very lucky chap. I have been blessed. My girl has it all. She is smart and spicy (we like spicy), she is sweet and sour (we like sour), she is everything one could ask for. She has the strength of will to change the world. It seems to me that birthdays are really for parents to mark the changes our kids go through, and each year, dyl, you become someone I learn to admire and respect more and more.

Sweetie, you are now 16. I will repeat the only two pieces of advice I can give you about boys. One, they are all fools. Two, watch carefully what they do and ignore what they say.

If the first 16 years are any measure, you have it all - use it well. Happy Birthday, girl, you dominate all aspects of the game.


oliviao said...

Happy, happy birthday Dyls. Hope to see you in a few weeks!

arnieo said...

Many happy returns Dylan - many many more. Those were some special words from your father - he doesn't always get it right but I think today he hit the jackpot.

Blackdaughtero said...

I love you daddy!!
And those really were some special words :)
you made my day :)
This really made my birthday really special!
love you

greta sistererio said...

Happy, happy, Carpe Diem- seize the day, girl.
I remember the day you were born- don't you just hate it when old people say that!
Your daddy sure loves you!